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     Deb has developed a series of expressive arts workshops with an interdiciplinary use of the arts to find greater meaning in life and promote life-long learning.  These workshops incorporate mindful practice and arts experiences. 

     Recent studies have shown that mindful practices of the arts increase meaning in life and promote healing and well being.  The workshops are designed for groups of 5 to 25 people and utilize tools that Deb has learned from her study of ministry, Gestalt Pastoral Care, Art, Theater, Music, Dance and Floral Design. 

      Her workshops are designed to foster a deep connection to our Source through arts experiences. One does not have to be a practicing artist to benefit from her work.  These workshops can be taught at corporate training events, mindfulness centers, churches, non-profits, schools etc. She is also available to teach small groups in her Avon studio. 

      Each workshop consists of four parts lasting approximately two hours :

  • Meditation - Silence coupled with guided meditation or reading
  • Instruction -  Expressive arts hands-on experience
  • Arts Project - One hour of art making accompanied by gentle music
  • Reflection - Journaling and group sharing


Painting, paper cutting, collage, theater games, music, dance, floral design, puppetry and more!!!



*TISC Trauma workshop for educators, St. Louis, Missouri.

*Creative Conversations, sponsored by the After School Network at the Hartford Marriott

*Spiritual Life Center, West Hartford, CT

*United Church of Christ and Lutheran churches in PA and CT

*Penn Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ Retreat and workshops.

*Lancaster Theological Seminary, PA

*HMTCA Middle School, Hartford, CT

*Morley Elementary School, W. Hartford, CT


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